Thursday, August 14, 2008

Roots of '69 Woodstock Festival Panel & Soundout

The feedback for the event has been very positive. One person told me that she was happy to finally see the old 1968 pro and anti-festival factions finally speaking to one another in a collegial fashion i.e Michael Lang and Bill West. In this and other ways the discussion was very therapeutic. Another person related to me that the event helped him re-connect to an idyllic moment in this youth. Still others reported being fascinated with the 1960s Woodstock music story….

Thanks to Paul McMahon the music kept coming and all 18 acts performed. These included Hair of the Dog, Norman Wennet, Joey Eppard, Frankie (without his Fingers), Spiv, Paul McMahon, Peter Walker, Jeremy Bernstein, Mighty Cee, Tim Moore, Naked, Dharma Bums, Justin Love, Marian Tortorella, Lynn Miller, Nathaniel, Shredni Vollmer and Steve Knight. For me, it was a dazzling experience. The vibration built and built and was capped by a great performance by Naked.

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