Wednesday, August 6, 2008


In 1967, John “Jocko” Moffitt began producing a series of outdoor concerts called Soundouts. These took place just outside Woodstock on Pan Copeland’s farm. I remember attending one that year. Parking was in a field and tickets were a couple of bucks. Opposite to the stage—back about fifty feet was a light show group.

People were camped out around fires with tents and teepees. There was an audience in the hundreds. I have heard that at some of the events there were upwards of two thousand people. As I recall, that night there were quite a few acts including Bunky & Jake, Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry and of course Cat Mother & the All Night Newsboys.

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PETER said...

Sonds interesting, I am a native Woodstocker and I worked With Jocko and Pam to help put on the soundouts.
Peter Cross